HAUS Technologies is producing a global Climate Resilient Home that meets all of the performance criteria required to be safe from adverse weather events that are becoming more frequent and more damaging, both from natural weather occurrences and the increasing intensity and frequency of severe environmental conditions. The built-form is the most fundamental method of protecting both lives and property to ensure we are safe from natural occurring and future disruptions. Rather than just offer one solution to improve the environment we provide a broad sweep of solutions in one package, which is ‘Climate Resilient Homes’ from a sustainable building envelope system ’. This positively impacts energy-efficiency, carbon reduction, waste elimination, better indoor air quality and improved productivity, collectively operating under a digital umbrella to benefit households, economies and the planet. Modern Methods of Construction - MMC - has been well documented in over a dozen industry and global management reports as being the solution to many of the industry’s woes. Our technologies match their collective recommendations as we resolve the problems by implementing a fundamental change in the ‘new normal’ built form.
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