Traditional on-site and trades-based construction is being severely impacted by the compounding issues it is facing, namely negative productivity, shortages of skilled labour and scarcity and ballooning cost of building materials. Adopting true M M C - Modern Methods of Construction - eliminates most of the ‘piece-meal’ construction and associated labour activities relied on by traditional builders in open-air or closed work environments, enabling us to create the only global ‘climate-resilient homes’ that are non-combustible and safe from hurricanes and tornadoes. HAUS Technologies has originated and patented a “composite wall panel, wall system and components thereof, and a method of construction thereof” which simplifies the overall build by combining our ‘off-site’ proprietary manufacturing of the interior lining and insulation elements with the ‘on-site’ completion of the reinforced concrete column and beam structure, along with the exterior outer layer, which is completed in weeks, not months.
BUILDING BETTER... an opportunity to deliver high-quality homes, with less waste, at a faster rate, while helping to tackle the global housing shortage, particularly affordable homes.