HAUS delivers environmentally sustainable solutions to building projects across a wide spectrum of residential markets, from social housing to retirement villages, and everything in between. NET-ZERO WASTE - NET-ZERO ENERGY - NET-ZERO CARBON (by 2030) Embracing digital technologies from the outset ensures that traditional home building is transformed from a labour-intensive and fragmented industry into a precise, advanced-manufacturing operation, leading to more commercial opportunities (by lowering the cost) and measurable productivity gains. These results are driven by the collaborative actions of designers, architects, engineers, builders & contractors who collectively contribute to the processes that improves value for their customers. This ‘system’ approach to construction improves the practicality of buildings through, for example, its capability of including national accessibility standards to meet future needs (ageing & disability) during the initial design & layout phase. Home affordability is not indexed on initial construction cost alone, but as a matrix of values assessed continuously throughout a building’s life-cycle. Our social and environmental impacts are measured across materials, energy and health benefits arising from the simplified method of construction that is the core of our technology: materials used are recycled and/or recyclable, the best unit of energy saved is the one not needed in the first place, indoor air quality sustains better health outcomes (particularly for families). HAUS has a dedicated pathway for non-profit housing associations to lower their affordable housing cost-base through utilisation of our DMC platform, helping to streamline planning and procurement systems and pass on the savings through a lower rent or purchase price.
Since 1950 our family has focused on meeting the requirements of customers and their changing housing needs, including at various times returned-servicemen, retirees and first homes for young families.
We are growing a digital construction platform around our proprietary ‘building envelope’ technology to create a seamless integration of all Design, Manufacture, Construct - DMC capabilities by aggregating data and processes into a productivity-enhancing linear solution. Progressively the platform will align the DMC building activities with the broader commercial aspects of contract documentation, processing of contractor payments & claims, then finishing with completion and warranty certification. Integration of complementary point solutions will be considered on their merits and their value accretion to our clients as we strive to achieve our overreaching goal of simplifying home building.
“sustainable construction practices and environmentally friendly materials”